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European Handicap: 5 Essential Tips for 1×2 Full Match Betting Harvesting

The European Handicap can be considered the earliest form of betting, laying the groundwork for later Handicap or Over/Under bets.

It's also a straightforward betting type, easy for bookmakers to win and almost every bettor is enamored with this type first.

Are you a "new face" in the world of online soccer tips for winning? Then all the information related to this "national" bet type needs to be updated right now.

What is the European Handicap? What is 1×2 Betting?

Understanding what the European Handicap or 1×2 bet is should be your first concern. In fact, these are all common names for the same type of bet: predicting the winning team of the match or accurately predicting the outcome of both teams.

It's called 1X2 betting because before online betting forms were introduced, traditional bet tickets for this type would have symbols for 1 – X – 2.

Players choose which bet symbol to tick or circle, with:

1 – This is a bet for the home team to win.

2 – This is a bet for the away team to win.

X – This is a bet indicating the player predicts a draw between the two teams.

Understanding How to Play European Handicap

This result is only counted in the official 90 minutes of play (including stoppage time) but does not count extra time or penalty shootout results.

If, for example, two teams play on neutral ground with no home team, then:

1 – is the bet for the team considered stronger.

2 – is the bet for the weaker team.

X – still indicates a draw.

Currently, on online betting boards, the European Handicap is still marked as 1X2, but instead of the 1-X-2 options, players will directly click on the Odds that pay out for the bet they predict will win.

Correct prediction naturally wins the betting ticket and gets a reward, if guessed wrong will lose the amount of money bet.

Characteristics of European Handicap Betting

Reading the above concept, bettors have already understood: this is a form of betting that uses the result of the match to free soccer tips the bet result, without the complication of adding odds like Handicap betting.

How to Read European Handicap Odds

On the bookmaker's board, there will be specific information as follows that players need to understand:

Tournament name: Top across the board.

Betting name: There are two types, corresponding to the time of betting:

1X2.H1: Betting on the team that wins in the first half of the match.

1X2.FT: Betting on the team that wins throughout the match, which is what people often ask about the full match 1X2.

Names of the two teams: Written according to the rule:

The home team's name will be written above.

The away team's name will be written below.

If both names are in black: Equal strength.

In the case of neutral ground matches: The team whose name is on top means the home team, the stronger team. After the name will be the symbol "N".

European Handicap Odds column: In this bet, the Odds column only has three indices from top to bottom corresponding to: Odds for the home team to win, Odds for the away team to win, and Odds for the match to end in a draw.

This is all the information for the 1X2 betting option on the bookmaker's board. To understand more details, bettors can look at the following example:

Top Tips for Mastering European Handicap Betting

Although betting on the winning team seems easy, it's not "easy to swallow" with this type of bet if you're not equipped with thorough knowledge.

When betting 1X2, remember the following tips to succeed:

Eliminate all emotions when betting on European Handicap. Remember that once involved is somewhat related to finance, can't judge by emotion or preference.

However, there are still many players making emotional mistakes:

Choose a match they like regardless of how difficult it is to predict.

Bet on their favorite team or just because they like a certain aspect (e.g., a player) of that team.

Listen to the crowd or subjective opinions of someone without personal judgment.

Bet without examining the odds before the match.

If you're playing this way, stop right now if you don't want to empty your wallet. This is playing on buy premium soccer tips emotion and can only lose more than win.

Gather all the necessary data for betting analysis There is a lot of pre-match information, sideline information to identify the brightest 1X2 betting odds that need to be known:

Starting lineup: There will not yet be an official starting lineup. This lineup is only announced 30 minutes before the match, but you can check injury and card situations to make preliminary judgments.

Win/loss of each team in the last 4-6 matches. Bettors usually use an average of 5 matches for analysis.

Density of play and nature of the match: If the density is high, many matches will often have less important lineups.

Choose the best match and timing for the best betting Players often pour into focal matches, thrilling because they like those matches, watching very aesthetically pleasing.

However, watching and betting are two different concepts.

In particular, for European Handicap betting, choose matches where there is a large disparity in class and form between the two teams.

Top of the table vs. Bottom of the table, for example, is very easy to identify the winning bet.


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