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Football Betting Terms from A to Z for Beginners

When engaging in football betting, you'll often encounter various terms and jargon. Without a clear understanding of these terms, you may face difficulties when placing bets. Therefore, in the following article, bet win tips will compile and provide you with the most detailed football betting terms!

Football Betting Terms

Commonly Used Terms in Football Betting

Explanation of Football Odds - Terms in Football Betting Odds

As you may know, in football betting, there are many types of odds or betting ratios. Each type of odds has different playing and betting methods. Additionally, each type of odds has its own specific terms. Here are some examples:

Terms in Asian Handicap Odds

Some terms commonly used when participating in Asian Handicap betting include:

Handicap Bet/Handicap Odds: The betting ratio that a asian bookmaker offers for a specific football match.

Odds: This term refers to the conversion rate or ratio used to pay out winnings.

Over/Over Bet: Refers to the favored team (the team with the handicap) considered stronger.

Under/Under Bet: Refers to the underdog team (the team with the handicap) considered weaker.

Win Full: Winning the full amount, the player receives 100% of the winning amount from the bet.

Lose Full: Losing the full amount, the player loses the entire amount of the bet placed earlier.

Win Half: Winning half the amount, the player receives half of the winning bet amount.

Lose Half: Losing half the amount, the player loses half of the bet amount used.

HT (Half Time): Refers to the playing time of the first half.

FT (Full Time): Refers to the playing time of the entire match.

ET (Extra Time): Refers to the extra time of a match.

PEN: Penalty shootout used to determine the winner.

Terms in Over/Under Odds

Commonly used terms in Over/Under betting odds include:

Over (O): If the match result has more goals scored than the odds offered by the reputable bookmaker, the player wins.

Under (U): If the match ends with fewer goals scored than the odds offered by the bookmaker, the player wins.

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Football Betting Terms

Jargon in Over/Under Betting Odds

Terms in European Handicap Odds

Some terms to pay attention to in European Handicap betting odds are:

1×2 Odds: This is the symbol of European Handicap odds shown in the bookmaker's odds table.

1: Players bet on the home team to win.

2: Players bet on the away team to win.

X: Players bet on a draw between the two teams.

Terms in Live Football Betting You Need to Know

Besides the specific terms for each type of betting odds, there are also many other terms used in live football betting. These terms are commonly used and not too difficult to understand. However, to make your betting process as smooth as possible, you still need to get acquainted with the following terms:

Football Betting Terms

Common Terms in Live Football Betting

Market Maker: A term used to refer to online football betting bookmakers.

Grassroots Football, Amateur Football: Refers to matches or tournaments of non-professional football, with little attention and recognition.

Analyzing Odds: The process of studying and analyzing a specific football match to find the highest winning odds.

Mainstream Football: These are major tournaments, highly professional, and well-known to many players such as the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Euro, World Cup, etc.

Dumping: A term used to describe the act of pooling all of one's capital into a single bet.

Betting Big: The action of heavily betting on a single bet and receiving a blank result.

Stalemate: Refers to a boring, dull match with no goals or surprising situations.

Sweet Odds: Used to describe a betting odds that one wants to bet on immediately.

Sour Odds: Conversely, this term is used to describe odds that one does not want to bet on just by looking at them.

Dump Odds: In case the team you are betting on has no chance of winning, you bet against the opposing team.

Blood Match: Refers to cases where many bettors bet the same odds, have the same predictions and analysis.

Contrary Bet: Players have different opinions, no consensus on a particular match.

Understanding football betting terms will help you easily exchange ideas, analyze odds with fellow enthusiasts. Additionally, it will help you understand analyses of live football betting. Don't forget to visit the number 1 betting website - wintips to follow more interesting knowledge about the football world!


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