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IPod Nano Water Damage: Dont Wash Your IPod Nano

  • Water damage on an iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, or iPodTouch can happen with a simple soda spill, forgot in your washingmachine, a splash in the pool, or even a cycle through the laundry.iPod is a handy entertainment device so it is not surprising thatpeople take it everywhere they go - beaches, gyms, saunas, pools,and even their workplace. Purchasing a waterproof iPod case is agood option to protect the iPod, but if damage happens despitetaking precautions, these are some steps you can take:Turn your iPod off - A gadget that has short-circuited is more challenging to repair than one that only experienced water damage. Quickly turn the device off as soon as possible after coming in contact with water.

  • Shake and wipe - Remove water by gently shaking the gadget and wiping it with a clean cloth. Do not attempt to use a blow dryer or other external heat device or you may risk damaging the iPod's plastic components.

  • Let dry in a warm place - Water damage on iPod Nano, or any iPod model for that matter, can be better remedied if drying process was thorough and fast. Lay the iPod on top of a TV, refrigerator, or another warm, safe spot.

iPod Nano Water Damage: Don’t Wash Your iPod Nano

I'm one of the lucky ones who washed their 5G nano, but I did take a few steps to try to salvage it. Note that the iPod was not on when it was immersed in water, or did I turn it on after I found it direlect on the bottom of my washing machine. I put the unit in a sealed bag with (don't judge me) dry oatmeal mix and a beef seasoning (not for flavour - the seasoning has a salt base) since I didn't have uncooked rice, dessicant packs, or even pure salt. I pinned it on my corkboard and had a 40W lamp on it for 3 days to add some low heat. After doing this, I tried turning it on, and it was lifeless (since I'm sure the battery shorted in the water). I plugged it into the computer, and nothing happened. After about 5 minutes of searching how to beat the iPod warranty system for water damage, I noticed the screen flicker and suddenly iTunes found the device. After charging and synching, the iPod was completely functional with the exception of the gravity sensor. It remained this way for two days, and then suddenly it froze during an app, screen on, and wouldn't respond (I did not try a reset) until after it died and was recharged by the computer. I again tested functionality, and it did the same thing but only lasted for about two hours this time before freezing screen-off and seemingly on hold. Now it isn't picked up by iTunes, nor can I reset the unit directly. Further fruitless things I've tried: button mashing, increased button pressure, toggling the hold switch, resetting, forced detection by iTunes (failed to detect), and even jiggling the synch cable in the iPod's slot thinking it might somehow help.

What if you have an ipod shuffle? the new square version. It was accidentally slipped into the washing machine without headphones so most of the water has probably seeped in through that socket. D: ? what should i do??? ?

mine did that, dont try and turn it on, get rice and put it in a chinese or indian box and fill up to the top wit rice w=then put your ipod in it and wait for afew days. and put it in a boiling cupboard or somewhere warm

my ipod touch 4th Gen went though a 60 min washing cycle when my mom was putting the clothes in the dryer she found my ipod my ipod would not turn on i am trying the rice thing hopping that it will work. can anyone give me more ideas if the rice thing fails? ;(

mine was put in the not! throw it away! do not plug it in anything(you will fry the circuits)put it rice for at least a week.then try to charge it.if it still does not work put back in rice.sooner or later it will dry. my ipod took 6mos to dry. i almost thru it out. good thing i did not. it works fine now:0

hey ipod went through the washer, and had water trapped in the screen and when shaken it would start dropping out of the pñugs for both charger and earphones.what i did was leave it for almost 24 hours, screen down under a regular desklamp, about 2 cm from the got pretty warm and i removed it every once in a while so it wouldnt fry the circuits, but after 12 hours the water started disappearing from the screen and also when shaken, no water came out.after a day, when i pressed center button, all it did was ask for power. but i suggest you leave it until all the water is gone before connecting it to the charger.

For iPod nano 7th generation, Press the Sleep/Wake and the Home button until the screen turns off. Wait a few seconds, your device will restart.For iPod nano 6th generation, Holding the Sleep/Wake and the Volume Down button until the Apple logo shows.For iPod nano 5th generation or earlier, Put the Hold switch in the unlock position. Then hold the Menu and Center (or Select) buttons for several seconds until the Apple logo appears.

Of course you can. When you dropped your iPod into water accidentally, don't panic. First you need to take it out of the water immediately. Remember not turn on the device, or the battery and the hardware inside the iPod will be totally destroyed and your iPod will be dead. Then you can flung it as forcibly as you can until the water inside is gone. If possible, you can wrap the wet iPod with a thick towel and put it into a washing machine filled with clothes for dehydration. Then blow the iPod by a hair dryer with cold wind and keep it stay dry for half of a day. Later you can put the water damaged iPod into a bag of rice to dry it for a coulpe of days. After that, you iPod may be good again. While this method is useful but you can't guarantee it will work completely. So the best choice is to take the water damaged iPod to an Apple repairment store to have some professional repairs and maintenance.

But here is a serious question. We all know that if water enters the iPod, the files and data on it will probably disappear. So if you want to restore and manage the lost data from iPod, you really need a third-party to help you do this. Here is a highly recommended data recovery program: MobiKin Doctor for iOS (Windows All) or MobiKin Doctor for iOS (Mac OS X). With the assistance of this software, you are able to retrieve all the deleted or lost data including photos, videos, music, audiobooks and voice memos and so on in a very easy and reliable way. Apart from iPod touch/nano/shuffle, any other iOS device such as iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5C/4S, iPad Air/2/Mini can be compatible with this software. The following parts are the tutorials of how to operate this program in details. If you're interested in it, just get the free trial version and follow the instructions to start restore data from your water damaged iPod freely.

Even better for working out is a set of Bluetooth headphones with remote functionality. Pick your playlist/album/podcast; stow your iPhone, touch, or nano somewhere safe; and you can listen and control the device wirelessly. There are also Bluetooth adapters about the size a shuffle that will let you use any headphones for a similar purpose.

The only time I'll risk running with my iPhone is when I'm in an unfamiliar city and feel that I need the iPhone in case I get lost or need other digital assistance. Then I use a waterproof Amphipod pack that clips inside the back of my shorts.

If you want to learn more about waterproofing electronic devices and the waterproofing technology that goes into it then visit our website! We are a global leader in delivering world-class protective nano coatings that safeguard electronics from the most demanding corrosive and liquid environments. Contact us today to waterproof your new electronic device or dig deeper to find out how we protect electronics from corrosion.

While your iPhone may seem "waterproof" at the beginning, water does take its toll over time. The nano-coating covering connectors and ports will degrade, and as water evaporates off of your iPhone, it'll dry out any plastic. And if you've ever dropped or scratched your iPhone, any little imperfection can expedite liquid's destruction.

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