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Information about the Handicap Corner Kick Betting for Beginners

Various betting options are continuously provided by reputable bookmakers to satisfy players. Over/Under bets, Handicap bets, and 1×2 bets are always among the most popular when it comes to football betting. A relatively new betting option that has emerged within the handicap betting category is the Handicap Corner Kick Betting. This immediately caused a frenzy and attracted many players. But what information soccer tips vip do beginners need to prepare for this type of bet?

Understanding Handicap Corner Kick Betting

Just by hearing the name, it's clear that this is a rather fresh type of bet. Although it has been around for a while, it's evident that very few people know about it.

Information about Handicap Corner Kick Betting

Handicap Corner Kick Betting is relatively new to beginners. However, understanding how this type of bet works is quite straightforward if you have a basic understanding of football rules. Specifically, this type of bet is based on the corner kick after the ball crosses the touchline by the team in possession of the goal. Then, the goalkeeper kicking the ball to players in the midfield will be counted as one corner kick.

There are some notes regarding this type of bet, such as excluding corner kicks from the 16.50-meter line or those passed back to the goalkeeper by players. These cases depend on each bookmaker's decision. Normally, players only need to predict which team will have more corner kicks. However, in special circumstances, players must adhere to the rules and odds set by the bookmaker.

Rules of the Game

There is some information related to this bet similar to the original handicap betting. Players do not predict the number of corner kicks by the teams, and bookmakers do not set specific odds for this bet. Players only need to predict which team will have more corner kicks. If correct, the player wins; otherwise, the bookmaker takes all the player's capital.

Betting Tips

For novice players unfamiliar with analyzing bookmaker odds, are there any helpful tips for participating in this type of bet? Reputable bookmakers have compiled many useful tips for new players.

Researching the Betting Team Information

Researching information is crucial, regardless of the type of bet you're involved in, not just Handicap Corner Kick Betting. Thoroughly researching the intentions of the betting teams will greatly benefit you. Key information to pay attention to includes:

Players' physical fitness level within the team

Personnel changes, injuries, or absences due to red cards

Whether the coach leading the team has extensive experience

Tactics employed during the match

Head-to-head history of both teams

In addition to this information, checking the results of the matches of the team you're betting on is also important. Through these results, you can easily gauge their spirit and mentality in the game. If previous matches have been successful, you might see the team's morale is high. Conversely, if they are facing many losses, their morale might be significantly affected.

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Tips for Betting on Handicap Matches

Consider Favoring Underdog Teams

In matches where the outcome is decided by goals, the stronger team usually dominates. However, in handicap matches, it's the weaker teams that often hold the advantage.

It's almost certain that the stronger team will press forward and continuously attempt shots on goal. Whether these shots result in goals is not important; what matters is that the weaker team will have many opportunities for counterattacks. Therefore, the number of balls kicked during the match will surely differ significantly.

It's worth noting that this phenomenon occurs mainly in matches where there is a significant skill gap, often seen in league standings.

Avoid All-In Betting

Betting all-in is considered a big no-no in football betting. Putting all your "capital" into a match where the outcome isn't certain is not advisable.

Be confident in your chosen match and only bet an amount you can afford to lose. Even if you're very confident, it's wise to wager only ⅔ of your total. In football, anything can happen. Don't be overly confident in your ability to analyze matches quickly or rely too much on others' tips, lest you regret your decision later.

Utilize Opening Betting Time

Handicap matches usually have betting available for both halves and do not include extra time. Therefore, bookmakers often allow a maximum betting time of 15 minutes at the start of the first half. This is the prime time for betting.

Whether you bet early or late, the opportunity remains the same. Make good use of this time to gather information, make predictions, and analyze whether your own assessments about the teams are correct. Additionally, in the first 15 minutes, you can observe several instances of ball distribution by both teams.

No matter how accurate your analysis is, it cannot be as precise as real-time events. Use the first 15 minutes of the match wisely to gather valuable information and place your bets accordingly.

Trust Your Own Decisions

In any bet, trusting your own decisions is never a mistake. Even if you're a newcomer and experience losses, it's inevitable. Others may win due to their experience, luck, and ability to analyze quickly. Don't let that discourage you from trusting yourself.

Be confident in your decisions, ignore the majority's opinions or the overconfidence of leading bookmakers in "predicting odds."

These are valuable betting tips app download for beginners in handicap betting. Experienced bettors can also use this information to enhance their strategies. If you want to engage in such exciting matches, reputable bookmakers are undoubtedly the best places to experience it. Wishing you all the best of luck!


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