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Amy Allen - Heaven (Official Music Video) !LINK!

In honor of Earth Day, singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Amy Allen shares reflective new song "One" on Warner Records, which just premiered as the conclusion to her virtual Earth Day benefit event Amy Allen & Friends Celebrate Earth Day. Listen to "One" HERE and watch the accompanying lyric video HERE.About the song, Amy explains, "'One' is a song for anyone who feels helpless in this terrifyingly big and flawed world. I wrote this as a reminder to myself that even when I feel like a drop in the ocean, it's still important to try to make a change, no matter how small."Amy headlined and hosted the hand-crafted virtual event earlier today, raising awareness for global environmental change agents such as the Surfrider Foundation, Ecosia, Greenpeace, and Parks Project. As an award-winning songwriter for some of the biggest names in music, Amy was uniquely able to curate the lineup by enlisting some of her most talented friends - Adam Melchor (with Emily Warren), Alexander23, Chelsea Cutler, Dan Wilson, Griff, Fletcher, Jensen McRae, Madeline The Person, and Vance Joy - each of whom personally selected an environmental organization to support.

Amy Allen - Heaven (Official Music Video)

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Allen performed at the G-A-Y club at Heaven in London on Saturday night (April 26) wearing a black bikini similar to the one Beyoncé sports in her music video. Click below to watch fan-shot footage of the performance now.

Nevertheless, Gomez's video, is saturated with Godard's quintessential filmmaking quirks: fragmented editing; characters breaking the fourth wall; melodramatic dialogue; a garish, primary color-focused palette; and cartoonish neorealism. Cinemaphiles will immediately notice parallels, as the music video's opening visual directly mirrors the famous party scene in "Pierrot le Fou," both doused in deep, ever-changing colors. The inane dialogue from side characters serves to highlight the shallow, bourgeois lifestyle that Pierrot wants to escape from. They burn a car. They fall in and out of love. 041b061a72


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