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How I Rooted and Unlocked My Xperia Arc S (LT18i) with Build Number 4.0.2.A.0.58 in 5 Easy Steps

in order to uninstall recovery, reboot the phone once into recovery mode. then, select uninstall recovery from the recovery menu (the part that says recovery) and select reboot. after the phone reboots, you will be asked to select an option between normal boot and install. choose normal boot and then select the reboot option.

Xperia Arc S ( LT18i ) Build Number .42 , .58 , .62 Root Firmware Unlock

the first boot screen that you see after flashing the new boot.img file will be the one in which you can now boot into recovery. on the next boot screen that you see, you will be able to boot into bootloader unlock mode. press the vol up key on your phone to view the locked bootloader menu. select yes if you are ready to continue and if youve verified the unlock process, otherwise select no to skip this step.

as there is no direct way to root your ics built smartphone (xperia ray),this is a different approach in which flashing a kernel which enables us to root mobile in a single shot. that is we flash 4.1.a.0.562 kernel, do necessary steps in rooting and then revert it to latest kernel by flashing the end of the day we will have an ics built ray with latest kernel inside with su permission.

before you proceed to unlock the bootloader of your device, you should do a complete back-up of the system. unlocking the bootloader will trigger a factory reset that erases all device settings, user data, third-party applications and associated data from the devices hardware storage. if your device, or part of your device, is encrypted, the keys used for decryption might also be erased, leaving contents cryptographically inaccessible. pre-installed sony applications and data stored on removable storage (such as a micro sd card) will not be affected. the factory reset will return the device to the condition it was in when shipped from the addition, if you have enabled my xperia, this function must be turned off before you can unlock your device.


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